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Diposting pada: 2019-07-19, oleh : OSIS SMAN1 BUMIAYU, Kategori: Tanpa Kategori


Holiday is a good time to spend the time with family or just having fun.But different with M.YusupFebrian student of SMA N 1 BUMIAYU grade of XII.1. He spend his holiday for study and hone his talent.

On 30 June 2019 student  who call Yusup success selection for following an event from government that is BBM (BelajarBersama Maestro) or learning with maestro. The program is yearly program which regularly conducted by directorate arts,directorate general of culture and ministry of education on culture since 2015.

BBM program involving 20 Indonesian maestros which active and skillful,the activities explore more deeply the five workers of five arts they are: arts, music,media,dance and theater,which are divided into nine cities in Indonesia that are Jakarta,Yogyakarta,Surakarta,Bandung,Medan,Makassar,Indramayu,Lampung,Bali.

Yusup is one of the 300 students  selected with 21.000 students registered, and Yusup choose theater art with the maestro named  IswadiPratama in Lampung. From here,Yusupgained a lot of theatrical sciences ranging from acting classes to deep theater sciences

In addition, Yusup also sharing with IswadiPratama as maestro, mingling with the environment in Lampung and fourteen of his friends from Sabang to Merauke. Yusup and friends sharing stories about each other and give their typical province gift. In addition to the training, Yusup was also invited to take a walk in Lampung's pottery making center, seeing Lampung icons, dance studios, University of Lampung, Lampung souvenir center, Lampung cultural park, beach and other places.

From this learning process, Yusup is expected to be able to inspire and motivate other students, whether they want to become art performers or not.

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