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Successful Ambassador of the 2019 Genre, Jasmine bears the name smansabum

Diposting pada: 2019-08-11, oleh : OSIS SMAN1 BUMIAYU, Kategori: Prestasi Siswa

Harmadia jasmine callista or often called jasmine, is a grade 11 student of MIPA 7 of SMA Negeri 1 Bumiayu. Jasmine is known as a student who has exceptional vocal abilities. Her name was once again known as a pride after she escaped from the prestigious competition of the 2019 Ambassador Genre. Jasmine at that time was ranked first in the top 10 best. Although she did not succeed in pushing her to become a champion, she was able to rise after being disappointed. She claimed to be even better for future opportunities and try as much as possible.

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