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Passed The National Level OSN, Diska Won Medal

Diposting pada: 2019-08-28, oleh : OSIS SMAN1 BUMIAYU, Kategori: Prestasi Siswa

OSN is a place to compete in the fieled of science for students at elementary school, junior high school and senior high school levels in Indonesia. Student who take OSN are student who have successfully passed the selection. In this prestigious event, SMA N 1 Bumiayu routinely sends its representatives. Starting from coaching in each school to get the best representatives to participate in district level selection, provincial level selection up to the national level. In the 2019 OSN event, specifically the economic subjects, SMA N 1 Bumiayu sent 3 representatives namely Pranindiska Nurlistro Naistana XI.1 MIPA, Amalia Ndaru Nuriyo XI.3 MIPA and Nursitta Rahmawati X.6 MIPA to participate in OSK selection on February 27, 2019 held at SMA N 1 Bumiayu. As a result, two of them qualified for the next selection that is OSP at Plaza Hotel Semarang on 11 April 2019 on behalf of Diska and Sitta. At this level they are required to participate in quarantine. The first quarantine in Bogor, approximately 1 week or 5 days in February and the second quarantine in Semarang which was held by LOPI approximately five days in early April. The results returned to pride, Pranindiska Nurlistyo Naistana from SMA N 1 bumiayu not only represented her school but also represented Central Java in the prestigious National OSN competition in Manado on June 30 to July 6, 2019. This prestigious event for Indonesian students is the second time followed by Diska. Previously she also took part in the 2018 OSN, although she failed but she still received an award for her achievements regarding СТSimulasi Perdagangan SahamТТ. This year Diska targets to win. A student of class X1.1 MIPA who lives in Muncang, Jatisawit claimed that she had pocketed a strategy obtained from OSN last year. Sure enough, Diska made another achievement by getting a bronze medal in the 2019 OSN event. Diska claimed to be very happy because it could be proud.

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